They don't :s They are the best black metal basses
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They don't :s They are the best black metal basses

..You dont hear black metal bass.

Yes, poop.
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..You dont hear black metal bass.

moron, spelt paedofile wrong
They aren't awful, just not suited to very much other than metal, you can kind of get a decent tone, well i don't despise my warlock, but wouldn't mind selling it...
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..You dont hear black metal bass.

That's the point
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Not all B.C riches suck, they're just not very versatile. The type of pickups and style of the instruments don't exactly lend themselves to anything but metal. Also they tend to get a bad rap because their entry level basses are awful, but their high end stuff I hear is great.
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Would the Paolo Gregoletto signature bass count as an entry level bass? That's the one I was thinking about getting...
Do you souly play metal or do you play other genres as well. I havent played that sig but i have played their entry level stuff which was crap. Dont completly blank out other brands just because b.c make metal instruments. You can get really good metal style tones from many other bass's.
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BC Rich has great basses in the higher-priced range, but their low-end stuff is attrocious. For metal, a high-end BC rich is pretty tough to beat; the main competition is Spector and Warwick, naturally. That signature would probably be considered a middle-priced BC Rich; that means that it's not bad, but for the price you can do much better. Once you get up into the NT series, then you're looking at great basses (providing you play NOTHING but metal). I like them, personally.
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I have the Warlock Bronze series bass

Here is a picture of the bridge. You can see a tiny gap between the end of the bridge and the body, it has lifted. I know the gap wasn't there when I bought it. There's NO sustain with this bass. I do like it though... with a set of Elixirs that are 2+ years old(You can see the coating peel on the E string), and the P style pickups, it's has a really beefy sound, almost like taper wound strings. I use it for a few songs in my band.
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It's just the designs, really. Build quality is alright.

The main problems with my Bronze 'Lock are neck dive and the body shape forcing you to pluck fingerstyle at an awkward angle.

It sounds decent, and I haven't had any problem with sustain.
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Would the Paolo Gregoletto signature bass count as an entry level bass? That's the one I was thinking about getting...

If I were you, I'd save up a little bit more and try to get an old NJ Warlock off of ebay, like an old Nikki Sixx sig. IMO they were MUCH better back then and the Sixx sig comes with a better electronics package. Here's what I'm talking about. That one's already been sold, but you get the idea.
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