ok, so today i wake up early in the morning, feeling ironically more tired than i was when i went to sleep. i take out my ibanez copy (which even more strangly has more sensitive humbuckers) and plug it in my amp. i set my pedals up and start playing. then i pause, and turn the volume off on my guitar to fix something up. thats when i heard my amp talking to me. literally. there was a guy in my amp talking about religion. the logical guess is that my amp was picking up radio waves or something from a station (in this case a religious station) cause after the first show was over, another came on, along with some gospels. i felt like i was on a bad lsd trip. so...is there any human being out there that can explain to me what just happened, cause im almost sure im not high.
Your whole rig is fairly sensitive to interference, especially if you have a lot of effects without a good noise gate, you're just picking up radio interference. I once built a fuzz pedal that picks up conservative talk radio.
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hahaha. i know what u mean man. the same thing happened to me a couple months ago. i was listening to it for like 3o minutes.lol
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You should figure out how to control that... it'd be really cool if you could make it play the radio on purpose. Think of all the surprised looks you'd get from people.
sometimes happens. satan talks to me through my little marshall mg 10 cd
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you know this happens to me on my computer speakers, so really I think it's just that music equipment is just sensitive to radio interference. Try moving your amp.
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why is it always religious radio stations your pick up? I don't understand that. I used to get the same thing when I lived with my parents. It was annoying. Down in Normal, I still get it occasioanlly when I REALLY crank my gain and effects and when I was with my ex in Madison, wi, I had me' marshall up there for a show and playing around in her apartment, I was getting religious radio stations again... what's the deal?
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I actually pick up a country station with my Frontman and my computer speakers. And it is really loud with headphones.

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sometimes happens. satan talks to me through my little marshall mg 10 cd

Thats known as the amp's tone.
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Satch picked up some kid talking through his amp and used it on "Flying in a Blue Dream".
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