ok basically i've been playing for a little less then a year and a half.

i just got a dean ml '79 about 5 months ago, love it.

problem is im still stuck on my little 15 watt marshall amp,

and i don't really know much on how to choose.

i really like pure straight rock and roll, like AC/DC, not a whole lot of digital effects and stuff,

i also have the fender g-dec 30 which led me to this conclusion i don't like digital effects on amps.

it seems marshall is my only choice then considering you know... they are awesome.

i don't really have a price range, and im not in a band,, but continuing to use a marshall that has no treble bass or mid... well i need an upgrade.

any suggestions?
jcm 900
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Classic 30
jcm 900



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it seems marshall is my only choice then considering you know... they are awesome.

All cheap marshalls suck, unless you've got a bout a grand to spend forget them, there's much better options out there. The Peavey Classic 30 someone already mentioned would be a good choice, also the Crate V series or something by Blackheart.
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how about links to these amps? with specs and stuff??

i looked at the peavey classic 30, it seems like exactly what i wanted,

but the msrp on the page was 730...... maybe a little cheaper but i can save for that
I'd definitely recommend the classic 30. Great great amp. I've been impressed numerous times by their tone.
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Classic 30 is preety much perfect for what you want
They go used for 300-350 sometimes.

Check your local craigslist.