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funnily enough Guitar Hero III made me wanna start learning guitar and its also influencing some of my friends to start playing
Ah, Mike McCready, good dude to want to be like.

John Frusciante inspired me to want to play guitar. I wanted to play bass for the longest time until RHCP's By The Way came out, and then I changed my mind.
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Mike McCready. I wanted to be just like that guy.

no offence to you but i dont know him?
i tried playing piano but it was too hard so i played guitar
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no offence to you but i dont know him?

Lead guitarist in Pearl Jam

my two closest friends play guitar and they always played me stuff and taught me about the instrument. So, actually, once I got my guitar I already knew a lot about it and how to play it just from listening to my friends talk about it.
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The song Scar Tissue..then Black Hole Sun and Superunknown

..I still can't play any of 'em
watching my mates play, i started to learn before that but gave up, and watching my mates just made me want to start again
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Getting out of lessons in primary school.

Then I stopped using it as a bongo in year 10 (after 7/8 years of nothing) because I found the works of a certain Mr Saul Hudson.

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Getting out of lessons in primary school.

Then I stopped using it as a bongo in year 10 (after 7/8 years of nothing) because I found the works of a certain Mr Saul Hudson.

Who is, cliche or not, THE man.
Keith Richards. And GHIII
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well cliche, but it was metallica's orion
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A cousin of mine moved away from the country and left me his amazing cd collection which included Metallica, Gn'R, AC/DC, Nirvana, Slipknot, Korn and then just about every other band that exists and I went like I gotta learn how to play guitar, spent 2 years on the acoustic and last year got my first electric.
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I think this man wins the thread.

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We have a winner.
kiss was the biggest influence for me. As soon as i heard shock me ace frehley blew me away.
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i first wanted to play guitar because i love music so much that i wanted to be able to recreate some of it, and i liked Guitar the most out of the other instruments typically found in a band so i bought a guitar.

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kiss was the biggest influence for me. As soon as i heard shock me ace frehley blew me away.

That's true for loads of people. Frehely wasn't exactly groundbreaking but jeez, he must have been doing something right.

I was just looking for something eqpressive, 'cause I'm a crap artist, mind-numbingly average poet, can't sing, can't dance, and dear god I am NOT co-ordinated enough to drum. And the piano was so BORING at the time. And then I saw a video of Van Halen playing You Really Got Me, which had been such a boring song before. It was like, I could do that.
Countless hours of listening to early 90s radio, Def Leppard and my Dad's old albums.

Then I picked up a guitar 7 years later.

Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
guitar hero haha
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The fact, that my mother would buy one for me. I love free stuff.
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Tom Delonge.

He is by far one of the worst players professionally out there, but hey, everyone has a hero.
Cream, Hendrix, and Santana were the start, but Albert King, Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, Mississippi Fred Mc Dowell and other blues players hooked into the music and wanting to play. Listening to Robert Johnson, who sounds like a battery of guitars, still blows my mind.
Guitar Hero II, actually <_<
Man did i get pwnd...
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Guitar Hero II -_-
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guitar in skip...
took home..

played for 7 years so far.

best skip robbing session ever