hey there, I'm looking to start a band in upstate NY, specifically in the Fulton/Montgomery/Hamilton counties. this band is gonna be all out ****ed up, like frank zappa meets cannibal corpse, with all sorts of musical genres being blended in. jamming is going to be a big part of it. naming this genre freakopsych. kind of like psychedelic-freakout. im looking for any instruments. horns, keys, strings, percussion...anything. if any one in this area is interested in making this, and is serious about making crazy not so serious music, please let me know.
thanks a lot,
Hey....i am a guitarist, not the best, but ok....I would like to jam and play live and become somewhat known in the area...bandwise anyway...I'm pretty crazy when it comes to my music....psychoguitar.....
I do not drink or drug....thats important to me........i live in roch., 40 yrs old...young.
I'm married and may have trouble with wife at first,,,,****!

let me know.......tim c.
well, i live in caroga lake, over by johnstown. not sure how far away that is from rochester. i play guitar too. idk, maybe we can start something here, even if it starts out as an online kind of thing
yo i know this is way past when u started this thread, but i live in broadalbin (east of johnstown down rt29). i play guitar. im nothing great, but i guess im between beginner and intermediate. im 17.

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