Question: I got a new computer the other day.
I have wired internet and im not really sure... do i just stick the cable from my okd computer into my new computer and then what do I do? I don't really know how to setup a connection.
If I just plug it in I cant go on the net.. I have to do something but i'm not sure what.
Go onto your control panel and check out internet settings?

Might have to confirm that its there or something...
can anyone confirm something I have to do or should i just look around and click random stuff.
click the network icon in the bottom right corner of your screen 9on the taskbar), then connect to your network with required password, etc.
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Yeah but where do i get this "password"

Ask your ISP?

How the hell are we supposed to know where they wrote your password???

Anyway, you shouldn't even need a password.
Open IE, Press Alt so the toolbar appears.
Tools > Internet Options
LAN Settings
Automatically detect settings

Should be working.
Then get Firefox and ditch IE
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