I'll be getting a 30W Laney AOR Head with a Hughes&Kettner 2x12 Cab for Christmas, and I've heard around this forum that some amps need a little extra gain to do Metal/Hardcore tones better.

Is that necessary for my amp?
If so, which pedal would you guys suggest?
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i don't know about the amp or the tones/gain from it...it'll be all your preference if you think it has enough gain after playing it or not...but the mxr micro amp is a good little gain boost pedal.
i guess it depends on you. some people like using more gain than other people, even if they play the same bands. once you get the amp, you could decide whether you need it or not, but even if it has enough gain, your probably gonna get an OD in the future just to tighten the sound. so if it needs the extra gain, i say either a bad monkey, a tube screamer, or a fulltone OCD, depending on your price range

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