Hello people.

This year i am doing As level music. For one of our pieces of of coursework we have to compose a piece of western classical music.

I have decided to write my piece for solo guitar.

However i have almost no experience of classical music, so i would like some suggestions of classical solo guitar pieces to listen to, aswell as some tips on how to compose in this style.

Thank a lot for your help.
Trust in me and fall aswell.
Classical composition can include anything from strict control of dissonance to atonal music. They are asking you to compose something without teaching you composition? waht
I think the first thing you need to do mate is pick a classical era, lots to choose from barok, romantic... all good for guitar I'd probably pick the romantic era. but what to do is research it, find some composers like JS Bach, Vivaldi, Mendelssohn; Or look into pieces like Canon in D minor etc... once you've picked one, find out what rules they followed... for example J.S. Bach had loads of little rules like no parallel 5ths. once you've done that just make a wicked leading tone and harmonise voices underneath that and you're on to a winner!

hope this helped