Ok, it's time for my band to learn a new song, and it's my turn to choose. I want a metal song, but nothing too tough on bass. This song will probably be used as a finale or an encore, so it needs to be something upbeat to start a pit. Thanks guys!
When all else fails, ask the pit.
Id say anything by metallica
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depends what genre of metal, but i would go with an iron maiden one, they're better for a finale.
do some protest the hero off of Kezia, like blindfolds aside or she who mars the skin of Gods
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We only have one guitarist (me) and i am also the singer, and i'd like it to be more mainstream metal, like Metallica, Motorhead, Iron Maiden...
When all else fails, ask the pit.
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crazy train -ozzy
Yeah i finally got round to all this, so, what shall i put here?

*insert hillarious ego boosting qoute here*

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seek and destroy, perfect song to finish a show
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as stated, crazy train is perfect for your situation

or you could do whiplash by metallica
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why are metal musicians prone to fatness?
Cause there music is heavy.

Writing music is hard D:
Write your own!

It'll be more badass than anything anyone else has done.
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Get some LambOfGod going atleast cus by the looks of it everyones going to tell you to do MUH-TALIIKAAA etc lol

nothing against them but try something that hasnt been done wayyy to much lol
Im quite proud of that LOL

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I dont know if i can scream like Lamb of God. I think Whiplash is going to work. I'll just get him to chug on the E string
When all else fails, ask the pit.