How much would I get for a Line 6 spiderIII 15w? Theres absolutely nothing wrong with it all it has is like a piece of tape on it. How much would I get at GC or somewhere like tht.
you should get a kick in the ass for buying it in the first place, but yah, no more then 30

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Guitar center gave me 30 bucks for mine. Good Riddance! worst amp in the world, excluding behringer. Why does guitar center even push these things? The guitar center near me dont even carry the randall kh15. or the 15 watt cube. they just push these spiders and say how great they are.
why is it soo bad i play bass now and never really eperimented w/ any other guitar amps
The sound is muddy, very digital. And every guitar sounds exactally the same through them. And all those effects are junk and worthless.
Quote by AbTT
Theres absolutely nothing wrong with it all

I disagree.

Anyway. $30-50