I think you got everything down well. Doesn't sound like any missed notes and your time time throughout the whole piece. I don't get very much feeling from it however. You hit everything but it just sounds memorized and computer-like. Your technique is great but that's it.

I'd like to hear you improv, I wonder if you're sound would have more style and attitude.

C4C if you like: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1005409
yea uh that was all improv, aside from the melody. Ouch. But dude, in jazz the joke is often that technique=emotion. lol. Anyway im usually more of a rock player, i think i have a little more emotion when it comes to that. check out my stuff at www.myspace.com/joeheider All those songs have all improvised solos.
Lol dang. I just assumed since it was a required piece, it was required for you to learn an actual written out guitar part. Anyways, I listened to some of your other stuff.. Some of it I like (Pendulum), some of it I don't (Sound). I think for me its just that you sound like you're playing what's expected. Or you're playing what your supposed to play I guess. This is fine if its memorable or catchy, but since not enough of it is it loses a lot of the emotion behind it. Pendulum I like better than Billie's Bounce or Sound because a lot of it goes outside of what you would expect. some of it doesn't (near the end) and that stuff isn't so great.

Dunno, just trying to help, obviously you got a lot of skill, and you're doing well so far.
I've never seen someone attempt a charlie parker tune on an ibanez haha.
your playing is good, but the solo didn't really sound like bebop to me. I can definitely hear rock/metal influences in your phrasing and sweeps etc. That's not necessarily a bad thing of course, I don't know if NYU is looking for a straight up jazz guitarist or someone who is capable in many genres. I also watched all of me, and again, very good playing, but it doesn't have much of a jazz feel, phrasing-wise. Nice going on all blues too, love the loop pedal thing you have going there.

c4c in my sig if you'd like
I agree with what danocaster said. The playing wasn't bad - your feel is pretty good and I didn't really hear any wrong notes. But I didn't really hear many of the idiomatic Parker jazz lines and phrasing, and I didn't really enough alterations on the V chords. I think the best thing to do would be to listen and transcribe.
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