I am thinking of upgrading my '93 Samick YR-660 Scorpian Plus super Strat style guitar. The guitar itself is made very well with awesome sustain, but the hardware is crap and pups are not that great. It has a gold licensed Floyed Rose that is very tarnished which I will upgrade to an original.

I am using it for metal style songs which I am now just getting familiar with. It has a Humbucking bridge p.u. and 2 single coils. What would you all recommend to be a good set of pups to upgrade to for a heavier sound? I am not sure I want to go to actives though, unless there are compelling reasons to do so, as I also have a VG Stratocaster that I have to change batteries quite often.

Also, the pearl white finish which was gorgeous when I bought the guitar new has turned quite yellow. I will try having it professionally buffed out, but I am also thinking of stripping it and repainting it a different color. I understand different types of paints may change the sound. What is recommended and what type should I stay away from? I have a professional painter friend that has enough very expensive beautiful custom blue paint left over from his sand rail project that he wants to use on my guitar. It is as hard as nails, and very chip resistant.

what kind of matel will you use this for?(name bands/songs)

what kind of rythm tones do you need? what kind of lead tones? what amp do you have? do you need versatility or straight metal?

Very good questions, some of which I do not know myself. I just finished learning the notes to Canon Rock in D, but I like to play it a little slower, heavier and with more sustain than Jerry C or Fun Two's versions (can't do sweeps, yet).

What little I have heard of metal, I like almost anything Metalica does, Trans Siberian's Christmas Canon and 12/24, DettFinalWish's Canon (metal version, my favorite).

I can't tell you what kind of rhythm or lead tones I like. Maybe if I can get closer to the Jackson style of sound, but could not tell you what model.

Just want to try to get better sound than what this guitar produces, which should not be hard. I would like to convert the neck single coil to a humbucking, but I do not want to route out a larger hole for it unless I decide to refinish the guitar. Maybe there is a low profile pick up that could be bolted over the empty hole of the original pick up.

I will use it only for metal and do not need versatility as the VG Strat takes care of that.

I am running it though a '93 Crate 80DSP hybrid (tube/solid state) that I have had since new, but very little playing time until this past year.

Also, this is just a hobby, so if I don't quite get the sound I (think) I want from upgrades, no big deal.