aright so right now to record me and my friend are using his mac book pluging our guitars and mic into it(at seprate times of course)and recording on to garage band.The sond isnt all that bad its jsut not the greatest and i was wondering if that was cause it was the program or the method of pluging it right into the mac or is it the mac itself.Help would be sweet thanks
plug it into the line in instead of the microphone I think, if Macs have them. other than that, I don't know too much else. Their sound cards aren't made for recording eithther, I don't htink. ASK SOMEONE WHO KNOWS!!
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I think it's both. My friend and I still use Garageband because it's simple but I'm sure that the sound quality will be better on a different program like Digital Performer, it's just too complicated/time consuming for us to learn.

Though there's nothing wrong with plugging directly in, a lot of pros mic their equipment. The guitars and drums in the instrumental demos I have in my profile are all mic'ed and made with Garageband.
Yup, a good mic with a preamp/A to D converter unit (sometimes called an audio interface) will be a lot better than plugging right into the macbook.