I was surprised that there wasn't already one of these, but here you have it.


what are your favourite albums/songs/band members (current)?

mine are;

Into Battle and Windrider
sami henkaa is the **** man. he was completely BRUTAL live!!!!!

my fav song is Sword Chant

Blood is the Price of Glory and Deathbringer are also awesome
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We have a folk metal thread for a good reason.

But, the self-titled and Victory Songs are ace.
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Guardians of Fate. First song I ever learned in whole. Great band, one of my favorites.
fave songs: Deathbringer From The Sky, TOKEN OF TIME, Battle Song, Slayer of Light and Victory song currently.

I missed them last time they came through here, with AA and Belphegor, really pissed
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Been listening to Ensiferum for a bit now, I really like Victory Song's, I think it's a great album. It has a great intro with Ad Victoriam and then transitions perfectly into Blood Is The Price Of Glory. I think my favourite song on that album is Raised By The Sword, the chorus is excellent.
Fave albums: can't choose, they're all awesome
Fave songs: Treacherous Gods, LAI LAI HEI, Token of Time, Victory Song
Band members: Markus and Sami

I saw these guys in concert 3 times already and they are just amazing, definitely one of my favourite bands. Their best concert imo was when they came here (Toronto) for Paganfest with Tyr and Turisas opening.
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