Finished this one yesterday. It's reasonably thrashy, has an "abstract" guitar solo early on, with a bass solo a little later. Enjoy!

"Divided by Destiny"

The intro is pretty cool, the repeating lick is cool.

The bass drop is sick.

The riffs are pretty cool, it reminds me of Trivium (not a bad thing, well, if you're uber trv maybe it is).

The first tapping riff in the solo sounds a little iffy, and the drums are pretty quiet in the mix. I'd also add some more mids to your guitars. This song would definetly benifit from vocals.

If it's the chorus (at like 2:15) it's an awesome part. The solo afterwards is very nice, too. The wah solo is interesting, it seems to go on a little long. Harmony again reminding me of Trivium.

Bass solo (I think) sounds a bit weird, the drums are realllllyyy quiet.

Pretty awesome stuff dude. Shame you don't have a full band with some vocals.


This is thrash, don't mind the purists. I've listened to it about 5 times now it's great.