i play with 9s right now but soundgarden plays down in the C range once in awhile so i was wondering how thick my strings would have to be to tune down that low and will e standard still sound good with the thicker strings.
11's mate...good lows and standard is sweet as.

might wanna get it intonated or do it yourself.

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11's mate...good lows and standard is sweet as.

might wanna get it intonated or do it yourself.

why would i have to get it intonated?
The bigger strings will intonate differently. You'll probably have to adjust the trussrod too...

Take it to a professional and it'll be good.
too much tension, because of the thicker strings, so you have to move the saddles to relieve it.


when i got my strings changed from 9's to 10's they had to keep my guitar for 2 days to adjust something..idk something to do witht the neck
hmm..im kind of wondering if it would be worth it in that case. it seems like then it would be more or less a permanent change. will i notice a lot of a difference switching from 9s to 11s in my playing? if anyone that has made that switch could tell me what kinds of things to expect id appreciate it. also how much would the intonation cost?
I use 11's and can do those just fine, although maybe go with heavy tops skinny bottoms, I think my tension on my lowest three strings could still be a bit better.
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Yeah you'll be able to tell. Theyre thicker and theres more tension. and if you have the right tool (often a hex head or screwdriver) and a tuner (or good ear) you can do it yourself. its not hard
and movin the saddles do not relive tension...
Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms are great for drop tunings and other downtuning, but it might take some getting used to playing in standard, they feel thick. Also, be careful tuning from a lower tuning back to standard, the high E is sensitive.
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