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Call her, and explain how you have her number.
8 53%
Don't be a creeper, just wait til Saterday.
4 27%
3 20%
Plan D: please explain
0 0%
Voters: 15.
Poll pit! Cause we all know how wise thou art .

Here's the situation. There a girl that I like, but I totally forgot to ask for her number last Friday, like an idiot. It's Thanksgiving break, prime time to ask her on a date. But, I can't call her! So I know both of her bffs, and I got her number from them... but it would be kinda creepy to call her if she doesn't know I have her number. I will see her on Saterday though, and there would still be time to ask her on a date on Sunday, last day of the break... but that's a long time away and she may be busy.

So what do I do?
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1) Relationship thread
2)Don't call, that would be creepy ass tit ****.
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Why did you make another one of these?
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relationship thread.. but i wouldnt call.. It is weird.
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as long as you call her up and the first thing you say is, "Hey, this is xxxxx i got your number from xxxxx because i really wanted to hang out with you sometime over break", or something along those lines you can pretty much eliminate the creepy factor.
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let the girl call. if she doesn't call, shes saying it's not going to happen.
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I'd call, just be like, "yeah, I got yo numbah from yo BFFs, cuz Imma creepah."
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Call! If she asks how you got her number, tell her you got it from her friend,because you forgot to ask her for it. She could make plans with someone else in that time.
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if you got her number from 1 of her friends she's prob expecting you to call

Yeah, the odds of her friends not telling her they gave someone her number aren't very high.
call and say her friend gave you her #


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