I'm not particularly modest, and I'm a good writer-but that's for fiction, journalism, the like. I've dipped my feet in poetry, and I've tried songwriting. I'm not modest, but my songs suck. People tell me that a good writer should be able to write good songs. So a couple of questions:
Are they right?

Does songwriting just take a buttload of practice?

Or does it take a different mindset, and can be equated to learning the piano after mastering the drums: there might be some overlap, but the two aren't similar enough to really get you ahead after mastering one of them?
different mindset defintely, but having the writing background certainly helps.
and yea, song-writing does take a buttload of practise.

the first song i wrote was about if two straight guys could share an umbrella.
And lets just say when i presented the lyrics to my band, they took over the song writing.
I'm going to have to guess (based solely on the construction of this question of yours) that it is possible you just aren't that good of a writer.

Seriously, though, the two types of writing are closer to being good at carpentry and thinking you could paint the Mona Lisa.

I'm good at neither form, but I am an excellent critic. = )

I sold my Parker Nitefly, Line 6 POD X3 Live and Crate Powerblock on Ebay. I'm depressed about it, so if I'm grumpy, that's why. = (
Lyrics are like poetry. Its not so much like story writing but like voicing something straight from your soul man.
Ok, I have some real criticism. Your stuff is very wordy. You also love complicated sentence structure. That is fine for literature, but it's best to keep it simple with songwriting. Think of the best songs ever and most of them are very simple- even if they have deep themes.

So if your songs are like your blog, just try to take your ideas, distill them down to the most crucial words and then put them together with an emphasis on ease of listening. Don't try to impress the listener- that almost never works in a song.

Your blog has some great writing in it, by the way. But even there, I would suggest looking over it and reading with an eye to cutting some of the fat out and making it a leaner read.

I sold my Parker Nitefly, Line 6 POD X3 Live and Crate Powerblock on Ebay. I'm depressed about it, so if I'm grumpy, that's why. = (
I think that song writting really does take practice; dont freak out if it isn't easy right away. I have been working on writting songs for three years now, and it's not easy. I have written about five really good songs, and about twenty that are kind of okay. I like to write books and stuff. I think that practicing poetry really helps; songs aer kind of like poems with a melody and accompaniment. If you really wanna become good at song writing, try doing some more poetry work.