I'll be getting my first electric guitar soon, which will be a Ibanez GSA-60.
What I will also need though is an amp (of course). Looking through the forums, it seems like a Peavey Vypyr 15 or a Roland MicroCube will be good, and I did search but all of the Vypyr vs Cube ones were for the higher end ones like a Cube 60... I'm wondering though which would be better for me. (Peavey Vypyr 15 or a Roland MicroCube)

I play acoustic so my style tends to lean towards well... acoustic-y things.

The Microcube is only 2w, and the Vypyr is 15, so thats a big difference, but also the Micro-Cube can run off of batteries. They both are modeling amps and if I price match the Microcube it will be about the same price.

Does anyone have suggestions as to which they thing is better, and why? In other words not a "Microcube FTW" or "Vypyr all the way" post, but which makes one it better than the other.
Thanks UG

Edit: I don't plan to gig with anyone yet. If I did I would get a bigger amp than the 15.
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If you plan to practice with a band the Vypyr would obviously be better because it'd get more volume. I think the Vypyr has more effects as well.

If you want something superquiet, then the Microcube would be better.
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i would spend the money on a Cube30. but not the microcube.. if it runs off batteries im guessin its a tiny little thing

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I'd go with the Vypyr. More effects, louder (even if you aren't with a band its good), etc.
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Depends what you want to do with it. For jazzy and bluesy things I'd prefer the Microcube. Being able to play anywhere you want is pretty sweet as well.
Would it be a good idea to get the Microcube first and be able to upgrade to a higher end Vypyr or Cube later then?