Hi people I have been recording on my laptop using Audacity for a couple of months now and I have encountered a problem with my laptop....

Until now I have been able to plug my guitar into my V-Amp II and run that into my laptop's mic input and I could hear what I was playing through the laptop speakers. Now for some reason when I plug my guitar into the laptop I cannot hear what I am playing and have to keep swapping my headphones from the V-Amp (to monitor live playing) then to the laptop (for playback) which is annoying as hell!!

The only thing that happened recently was that I reinstalled Vista and I cannot remember what I need to set in order to get the speakers to playback my guitar so I can monitor my playing without having to swap my headphones all the time. My laptop is running Vista Home Premium with Conexant High Def Audio.

Please can someone help me
simple solution: get single bud ear buds. i used to use 'em a lot for that kind of thing.
Its OK I sorted it now, I reinstalled the sound drivers then went into playback devices, looked at the settings for the laptop speakers and it had muted my Line In volume and my Mic Volume, so I just unmuted and hey presto I am back in business!!