Apologies UG but it appears I have to ask for help again

For close to 3 months now I have had a Gibson Flying V 67 Reissue on order only to have my patience rewarded with an announcement that not only will my guitar most likely arrive outside the 3 month window I was promised, but even though they promised this I will receive no discount. And as a ridiculous cherry on this bull**** cake their prices have skyrocketed because they cannot "trust" Larry the truckdriver.

Anyway I am sick of this so am looking into another guitar for around £700. My style revolves around mainly metal but verging on Prog with many clean parts as well as classic rock and classical.

I would like a kind of neo conservative body shape (basically a normal guitar pushed into slightly more extreme territory without being a ridiculous mess of points).

- 24 Frets would be nice but not required
- No vibratos
- Set neck or Neckthru please
- Pickups don't really matter (replacing with Bare Knuckles)
- Please no recommendations like "this is sooo br00talz [oversized Dean Razorback pic]" I will not value your opinion

TLDR - Pissed off with Gibson, recommend cool guitar for rock, prog and metal.

Considering an ESP EC1000 so any opinions on this would be appreciated too
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Schecter Hellraiser? Its in that price range and everyone here seems to think its an amazing guitar. Plus, I think it looks dead sexy.
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I would have recommend the esp eclipse myself, seems like something that would suit what your playing, and well although it is similar to a LP the point at the cutaway keeps it more... 'extreme'?
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Jackson RR24

Edit: oh but its a bolt on neck :/... you still should
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i'm not hating on bolt on's i am a fan it's just my guitar now is a bolt on and i want to try something different

sorry if thts the way it appeared on my post i'm just really pissed off with this whole gibson thing
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You have amazing taste in men.

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+1 on the Ibanez PGM, sick guitar. Love the maple fretboard and overall guitarness!

Anyways check out...

- Michael Kelly Patriot Premium / EMG's, similar build to LTD (both are Korean I believe) and spec list. I've tried a few and they tend to be pretty good!
- Schecter Hellraiser 006, while I'm not the biggest fan of Schecter (mainly due to neck profile), they are good guitars for money.
- Ibanez RGA121, crazy finish, bitching Japanese craftmanship and killer playing. I quite like these guitars if you haven't guessed yet.
- Jackson RR5, great flying V's. Bit annoying to sit down with at first, but you'll get used to it after a while. Good spec and good craftmanship, look into it.
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Jackson RR24

Edit: oh but its a bolt on neck :/... you still should

since when is the rr24 a bolt on?
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