59 reissue Fender tweed Bassman tube combo amp. The condition is excellent! The tweed looks a little dirty (not much) because it's from the mid-late 90s. (Made in the USA) Everything is in perfect working order. The cleans of this amp is just brilliant and it dirties up nicely when cranked. It's 45 watts with 4 ten inch jensons. Tubes are all good. It's just a little too big for my home needs. However, I would take a trade for a custom vibrolux reverb as it only has 2 speakers and isn't quite as loud.

Price: $650

I'm also willing to make an even trade for a Vibrolux Reverb.

Shipping will be about $80. We'll see though. I might can get a hook-up at the packaging store.

I accept paypal. The amp will ship from north louisiana


I can post more pics if needed.