OK. I'm looking at possibly getting a Washburn T25 l. They have a returns policy so If I don't like it I can return it (although the return costs come out of the money I've paid for it).
My question is does anyone own one, or has anyone played one? Is it worth looking at?

Yes I know I should try it but I don't think any of my local stores sell Washburn, and driving down to where ever to try one isn't an option. I've read a review on this site (being Ultimate Guitar) which indicated the 4 string version to be a good bass, and there was a comment on there regarding the 5 strings being almost exactly the same (but with an extra string obviously).

Any help will be greatly appreciated, but anyone acting a fool will look, well, foolish
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my Washburn has the same string spacing as an Ibanez SR505 so it's a little tight for slap (but i have gotten used to it and love it) and i'd assume that's pretty similar.
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I had a moderately long courtship with a T24 a month ago at a used music store..I loved the damn thing. The stock pickups are a LITTLE weak, but not moreso than lets say, a mexican fender. For the MSRP of the things, I think the pups are a little weak, but the neck and the build quality is superb. Neck through for that price is a steal..if you get one, I reccomend getting a natural finish so you can see the wood grain!

The tones were very interesting tho, very warm, and about as versatile as a jazz bass.
Thanks Guys. For £240 I could change the pickups for others if they were too weak, but i don't think I'll need to. I think I'll be ordering one when I get the money I'm owed back, I'll put some piccies up when I get it =)

Oh yeah, and I WILL be getting it in Natural, it looks so damn sexy !!! :O
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what would that be called? a Fibson with Gender confusion issues?