Anyone heard that the new Prada phone is about to be released?
The thing is going to be crazy. I mean, it comes with a watch-like accessory that displays calls//messages, so you don't even have to take the phone out of your pocket.
Obviously, it comes with a hefty price tag: around $800. But, I make a decent amount of money, and I'm all about staying up-to-date on crazy technology. I am stupid enough to pay big bucks for pointless things.
Does anyone know how to find importers for the phone? It's only sold in Italy, France, Netherlands, the UK, and...some other place overseas.
But I live in America.

or you could just by a phone and take it out of your pocket
You're 15, you don't earn a decent amount of money.
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I'd check out ebay. Chances are a retailer might buy a whole bunch of them, and stick 'em brand new on ebay, to get good money from overseas buyers such as yourself.

A mate of mine got a wicked watch that was a phone, from japan or somewhere like that, real cheap on ebay =)
wait about a year. itll be 200$ less and not a silly beta.

but if you really got the money to shell out, travel over seas and buy one.
It's sold in portugal.... hahaha we portuguese at least are ahead of the USA in these.... we are so lame and shallow... don't spend 800$ on a stupid phone... just save up for a new guitar or whatever u need...
its basically an iPhone... which are sold in america... for much cheaper
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I advise you buy it through a Nigerian intermediary.

Yes, do this. You might even get a whole bunch of money from a frozen bank account in the process.
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that's the stupidest thing i've ever seen. You're going to look so dumb looking at your watch for text messages and stuff.

Worst and geekiest invention since calculator watches
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You're 15, you don't earn a decent amount of money.

Well matlocked! The first thing I thought.

The wrist thing looks retarded, it looks straight from the 80s.
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That site kicks ass though...

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You do know that LG already released a phone based off this one in America right? It's called the Dare. Look it up.
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You're 15, you don't earn a decent amount of money.

I am indeed 15,
but I make $15 an hour cleaning walls and ceilings and me and a friend make about $1,500 a week (each) detailing cars.
We only detail cars every other week.

And I already have an iPhone. It's not keeping my interest.

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It's a phone. In a year it will:
1. Break after the warranty expires
2. Get thrown in your closet after you buy a new phone

Its a fecking phone. I'd be damned if I bought a $800 communication device as simple as a telephone and mini keyboard. For $800 I want an ansible (Cookie to anyone who gets this). Spend your money on better investments.
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