speaking of the bosstones, who among you is seeing them this winter? Cause i sure am
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CBGB wants to be famous like the others such as Green Day and Offspring. They don't want to be a underground punk band.
heard two or three of their songs, the few songs ive heard by them ive liked all of them
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Its not about the Radio its about talent, the front man has a bigger vocal range than Micheal Jackson and he can sing from heavey metal to high pitched ...No.12 on the top 20 under rated guitarists of ALL TIME...etc

1-Bloodavian 0-Forkman.

To say the same thing as everyone else, Let's Face it is the best one in my opinion, which is soley because i own two copies of it, whereas i don't own a copy of any of their other albums.
I just realized this moment that "Bosstones" is supposed to sound like "Boston," and I've been aware of this band for many years.
just don't get jackknife to a swan
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I like them a lot. I can never hear a difference in their albums though so it's not often that they come out with a song that really catches me.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
I really like Jacknife, but I think More Noise and Other Disturbances would be the one to get.
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