Hey guys I need a little help deciding on a guitar. My budget is around 400 GBP, and I mainly play rock, metal however I still would like decent cleans. So far I have three guitars in mind:

Epi Les Paul Standard

Washburn WI66Pro

PRS SE Singlecut

I was wondering which of the three is best, and whether you guys have any alternatives you could suggest.
PRS > Epi
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I've heard Washburn makes some nice guitars. The Paul should be nice too though.

Look up these guitars on http://www.musiciansfriend.com/ . See if anyones left any reviews on there for em, should be able to help you decide.
Yeah, I checked out the reviews, they're a tad biased and it's hard to judge. Anybody have experience with the WI66? As I think that ones kinda pulling ahead now.
the epi is a bit overpriced imo. the prs well built solid guitar and same with the washburn if i had to pick1 it be the washburn
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Ah right, I kinda wanted to distance myself from the epi as I didn't wanted to go down the same path as everyone and get an epi les paul as their second guitar, plus I keep hearing that they have sub standard p'ups. What's the weight like on the PRS and Washburn?
Weight shouldnt be a factor of your choice.

You need to do more research too, there are many more guitars that make les paul shape guitars around 400GBP ( around 800 USD i guess ) :


Ibanez AGS73B (semi hollow)

Agile AL-3000

These are just some examples. Look at eBay too.
Thanks GuitarGuy for the suggestions. Though the ESP is tempting its way beyond my budget, as its 559GBP and I can't get hold of Agiles as i'm in the U.K.
hey. try looking on ebay for a ESP LTD EC400(with seymours JB & 59). i got a new one for £400 including shipping from america. Or if you can stretch your budget to £450 maybe a Gibson SG Special? i have played a epi les paul custom and it wasnt very good, and the standard might not be better. i dont know about the other 2 guitars. anyway these are just my suggestions. be sure to put in the thread what you decided to get.
Out of those three, the Washburn. As I've said on previous threads, I have personally and directly compared the Washburn to that exact PRS. To me, the Washburn is more comfortable, balanced, better tone, and better pickups. Its also better than the Epi in that its light, but not too light, it doesn't have the Epi thick neck, and to me its of higher quality wood and build. Also, Washburn site lists the 66 as $1300, which makes me feel good about getting it at £350.
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i have a Washburn WI66 and i couldn't be happier with it although its my first electric so i cant really compare it to another electric