so, every band ive been in has been me on vocals and guitar, a bassist, and a drummer. just a three piece. but ive been looking at all my favorite bands, and they all, with the exception of the fall of troy, have 2 guitarists.

now, can anyone give me some reasons to have 2 guitarists, or some reasons not to?

there arent too many good guitar players i know. and the only ones i do, that can at least play really easy stuff with me, are all into metal, which is definately not my thing. so i dont know if i should go through the hassle of finding another.
There's probably gonna be an argument to whether who's gonna play lead, but if you overcome that, you might be able to play a duet.
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If you find a player you can work well with, do it! Especially if you're on vocals, that way you can concentrate a little more on what you're singing and not have to worry about screwing up the song. Besides, if it doesn't work its not like you can't go back to a three piece setup.
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they usually divide into a lead and rhythm guitarist, so if you feel you need that depth, and don't want to layer your music with solos, then two guitarists is the way to go. but in my experience, it is better to have one guitarist
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The argument over lead is solved simply by sharing the lead parts. Pros include wider sound, multi-layered rhythm parts (such as arpeggios over chords, etc.), and dueling leads. Con is simply, it's another person to try and get to attend practice. That, and when you start gigging and getting payed and whatnot, it's another way to split the check, but usually one person will be in control of a band fund, and payment will go to that, and said fund pays for gas and merch.
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i dont really think there will be much of an argument over lead and rhythm. im a good lead player, but if im singing, then ill gladly play rhythm.
I think the only problem your gonna run into is the personality, creative opinion, and skill of the other guitarist. If those are all in sync, then your guitar playing will be...well, in sync. And it'll be smooth sailing.

Just last thursday I heard a jazz ensemble composed of 3 guitarists, a bassist, a pianist, and a drummer. One giant rhythm section...and they still made it work.
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i think that having two guitarists gives a band a cool fuller sound cause two guitars harmonizing sounds pretty down right amazing.
but thats one of the problems:harmonizing. especially if the two guitarists play diferently a.k.a different styles. another is the whole who takes the lead part and the whole creative control.
thats where alot of bands go downhill: conflicting ideas.
but overall i think having two guitarists gives a band an awesome sound.