Basically as the title says im going to attempt to learn drifting by andy mckee, although this is going to take me awhile because im not a good guitarest to bein with and im only know a few finger picking pieces, cant even tap at all with my right hand (lol).

So what im trying is learn each thing step by step start with going into finger picking (my teachers wanting to show me this anyways) then maybe move on to some more basic two hand tapping (maybe like the main riff to i need something - newton faulkner) then probley try learning it baby step at a time.

I just wondered if anyone had any advise for it? and if this was a good way to go about learning the song?

Cheers, Zakk
Just take as much time as you need to learn each small part. Take very small chunks and perfect them before you go on. I've been learning a few fingerstyle pieces on my own recently as well. Taking off big chunks all at once is a bad idea. You'll get really frustrated because you won't be able to play it at all.

Good luck!
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Congratulations, I am trying to learn it too!

My advice is: pay attention to the percussion. The notes in the song you can hear well and clearly over everything else, but as guitarists, and musicians in general, we have become used to hearing the beat from the percussion and then sort of letting it be in the background. There are parts in the song where McKee uses percussion that I never really even noticed he did until I tried to learn it. So just make sure nothing gets lost in translation.
just give up
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