Ive been thinking about buying an Ibanez EX series guitar from a friend of mine for 300$.

I don't know what his model number is, but it came with a Floyd Rose and locking nut, H S H configuration. He has a custom paintjob on it, and has upgraded the pickups neck is an EMG HZ, the bridge is a Seymour Duncan, and the single coil is standard.

Hes replaced the pot for the volume control, and the tone cap, but says the five way switch may need replacing soon.

Ive played the guitar and it plays great, the tremolo works fine and the action felt good. I didn't get to play for long so I didn't really get a feel for the tuning stability.

The question is do you guys know what the body wood is likely to be? I don't really want a basswood guitar. Also does anybody know if the guitar would even be worth 300?
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