I have this problem when I bend the strings. My bends don't sound clean and clear because I hit the other strings that I am bending in to and they make a noise. Any suggestions on how to bend better I guess? I'm kind of having trouble getting my question across, but if anybody can help, that'd be good.
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i dont know if this will work, but when bending try to mute the string that you are bending it towards with your picking hand.

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Solution: palm mute.

also make sure youre anchoring your bends, ie you have a few other fingers there to support the bend instead of just one fingertip.
bend up by your your fingernails more, and just practices, it might be the neck of your guitar, try adjusting the "truss rod", try on somebody Else's guitar.

hope this helped.
i know what ya mean, i had that problem a while ago, i suggest not bending with the tip of your finger, instead bend about 1cm in so when you do touch another string the tip of your finger will push it away and mute it aswell.
try holding your finger more at a right angle to the fretboard
ie not parallel, remember your playing a bending not trying a barre chord

if that makes any sense
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all
thank you all for responding, hopefully it will help.
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as a couple of others have suggested, try to palm mute the lower strings you are not playing, also you can mute the strings either side of the one you are bending by using your index finger to mute them. It just takes some practice then you'll be able to hit the string with some force and get a cool bend going.

It's worth mentioning that not all bends require you to only hit one string and bend, Zakk Wylde is a good one to watch for this. He will hit 2 or 3 strings and let the others ring out while bending, then mute them and sustain the single bent note. Adds a different sound, just experiment with it and find something you like doing.