Can I use audacity to record stuff on bass, cuz i dont really want to pay for anything right now, and also, what else do i need if i get audacity, do i need a microphone, etc.?

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you could just plug the amp in to the line in on ur comp, or get an audio interface for better quality recordings.
Audacity will be fine. Also get a demo of Reaper. It is fantastic, apparently, and the trial is good for 30 days or something. After that, it is really cheap to buy.... something like $50 for personal use.

I know of a guy who used to work with groups like Megadeth, Sheryl Crow, Gin Blossoms, and he is a very enthusiastic Reaper supporter.

And if you don't mind spending a bit of money, check out a SansAmp by Tech21. They're not cheap, but they're not really expensive either for the quality you get. We used one for the bass on our album, and it was awesome. The results were *far* superior to anything we got with a DI box plugged directly into the interface, or even miking the bass cab.

There is a song in my profile called Unsaid that starts off with a sort-of bass solo that shows what it sounds like. We went bass > SansAmp > interface > Cubase. No fuss, no muss. Just a bit of compression, and almost no EQ.

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