Hey i've got a Jackson DK2S and it currently has a Seymour Duncan sustainiac in the neck position it also has a single in the middle pos and a JB in the bridge [may even be a stock pickup not sure]. Now, to me the pickups are whack, they just lack any personality at all.

I was wondering if i wanted to change them out and add a different set in would it be a major wiring job, because of the sustainer and the 2 switches & gain control for it? I'll post pics of the guitar so guys can get a better idea, i haven't got any of the wiring though.


I know you can't tell much from the pictures but maybe any wiring gurus could lend a helping hand ?

EDIT: I am a complete novice at guitar customizing so go easy on me! i am willing to get it looked at professionally i know a very good luthier at Feline guitars.
so you want to get rid of the pickups in it and get new ones right.
Its shouldn't be to much of a major wiring job, all you have to do is desolder everything off the pots and switch, yup thats it approx 10 joints, then take everything out, there wil likely be a preamp and lots of electronics it there
Then wire it all back up again, nice and easy,
wiring diagram
Yeah sorry, my point was kind of lost in my baffle about the sustainer. But thanks, however that diagram is for just HSS i have a sustainer that has 2 switches that activates it... Surely that makes it alot more complex?