For my Graphic Design class I have to pick a song and make a series of posters representing selected lyrics from it. I chose Sweet Avenue by Jets to Brazil, but I'm having a bit of trouble choosing images to represent the lyrics. Any ideas?

Poster 1:
This cigarette it could seduce a nation with its smoke.
(So far I have the quintessential spiraling cigarette smoke coming through a cityscape).

Poster 2:
I'm a captain of industry smoking famously feet up on the windowsill. Looking at all these trees I feel affinity with everything so soft and still
(I have trees, a window, crossed feet)

Poster 3:
Living by the hour I stopped for every flower, everything is soft and slow.
(Flowers, a guy walking, an hourglass)

Poster 4
Thank you for making me see there's a life in me, it was dying to get out.
(I've got absolutely nothing...)
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wow i wish i got to do that kind of stuff in my graphics class

i think for poster three you should actually have the guy in the hourglass, holding a rose as the sands of time are draining down on him

That sounds amazing. I'll see if I'm talented enough lol.
I dont know man, are you hell bent on doing this particular song?
Either way, I would try to not be so literal. It might just be me, but I would hate to have that assignment if the teacher was so pushy on having to represent the words. Do they want just a literal translation? Because that can get kind of dull.
If you have the time, I would pick a song maybe with less particular imagery, or something more intense or personal - thats if you HAVE to go by lyrics. I think it would be more beneficial for you to try to push it otherwise, like doing something with very little lyrics, or that has one short line repeated multiple times for the whole of the lyrics. You know, try to represent visual something thats stronger instrumentally, or do completely different translations of the same words 4 times. I think that will be a lot more interesting and rewarding in the end.
Sorry for wall.
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hey if you do you could post it up on here so we can all see

If I'm able to do it, I'll post it.

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This is a college class right?!!?

College level, but I'm taking it in HS.