I have an ltd ( old japanese model) with a randal rg20dx ( I dont use the effects), digitech rp100 and boss digital metalizer that i am usuing right now. Since i am starting to pick up songs pretty decent( i have been told) I am mabye considering looking for a drummer or bassist to jam with. I may be looking for some upgrades in gear and am looking for a bit of input.

I am wondering if any seasoned guitar players into 80s rock like the digitech rp300 or rp150. I am especially wonderin if the distortion in them are worth a darn. The ones in the rp100 i have now ar ok, but they seem to give me lots of noise ( with the gate even on) so I use the boss pedal for my distortion. I have also thought about just getting some behringer effect pedals. I have heard they are good and comporable to boss ( but much cheaper). any advice on the effects would be appreciated. the main effects I use are distortion, reverb, chorus, compressor, noise gate, delay and either a flanger or phaser. I have not figured out which i like better. I may experiment with wah one day but have not yet.

As far as amps I use my randall and I am thinking of getting a 30-50 watt combo amp. I like carvin, crate, peavey, and marshall. I am looking for something with a high gain metallica type as the randall seems to be more of a vintage tube sound. Also would like something footswitchable. I am trying to find one used and not spend a fortune. I was going to buy a marshall microstack but was told it would be a waste of money and not an upgrade. Thanks for any help in advance.
How much is "not a fortune"?
Are you willing to buy used?

In general, a good amp with distortion will sound better than the distortion a pedal will give you.
But at the same time it's a bit hard to find low-cost amps that have high-gain.
Multi-fx are really not all they are cracked up to be
They lack the tweakability and the sound quality of regular Fx. If I were you I would...
Get the amp first, American or British Voiced? (b/c metallica is american voiced whereas iron maiden is british. Marshall type sound = british. Mesa type sound = american)
Get the FX pedals, Berhinger are regarded as kind of crap. Boss aren't that high on the spectrum either man.
you shouldn't need a distortion with a good amp.
For the Reverb, Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail
For the Chorus, Electro-Harmonix Small Clone, or MXR stereo chorus
For the Delay, MXR Carbon Copy
For the Compresser, MXR Dyna-comp, or super comp. Maybe the Barber Tone-press
For the Noise-Gate, ISP decimator
For the Phaser, MXR Phase 90 or Electro-harmonix Small Stone

First get the amp, than go from there.
thanks for the advice. I should mention i am by no means a pro. Might be a youtube rockstar at best that gear soudns like a small forturn, but ike some relaly ood stuff. I would buy used so I may check for them.