after reading the tube sticky it left me with some questions

what exactly are "nos" tubes and what makes them so special?

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

New Old Stock, basically they were made to outstanding quality specs back in the day.
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new old stock tubes are tubes that were made years ago, back when tubes were made more often and sounded much more amazing than tubes being made now.

they are called "new" old stock because most of them have not been used yet. so in many cases you'd be getting a 20+ year old tube with low to no hours of use on it.
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I was talking to my grandpa the other day. He said about 5 or 6 years ago he decided he'd clean out his basement. He found cases of old GE tubes. He trashed them, not knowing that they were worth anything. He looked on eBay the other day, and said someone should kick his ass.

regarding the question-the dude with the amish sign has it backwards. Unsigned has got it. Old tubes that have not be used are called new old stock.
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huh....i used to help part time at a hobby store....and my definition of new-old stock is what we used on the products.....

....thats odd. huh.

yeah, the term new old stock can be used to describe anything that fits the criteria of unused stock that has sat round for some time.
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Essentially, NOS means they were made back in the day, but have just recently been pulled out of an old drawer or box to be used for the first time since their production.
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