So I've always learned by tab and I want to start to develop an ear. I have a couple questions.

1) When using my ear I tried and pick out the main bass note and then the chord. How can I tell the difference between a major chord and a major7 chord? They sound so close to me sometimes I even have this problem with CM and Cadd9. Is there a site to help me on this problem?

2) Is using the bass note first a bad method? I mean it's technically not by ear, but is it better than using tabs?

3) If I use this method enough will I eventually start being able to recognize notes and chords right away?
1. Do what you can and then check it against an accurate tab. When you are wrong, listen carefully to the differences between the actual chord and the chord you thought it was.

2. It is using your ear, so I don't know what you're thinking there. Anyway, using the bass note to guide you is a fine idea, but some chords will not have the root as the lowest note. You'll probably catch that with some ease.

3. Unless you're genetically screwed, yes.
I learn things by ear when screwing around. When I find a not that sounds like a not from a song I know I branch it out and so on so forth, and eventually test it against the recording.
Yeah, answers for all 3, with practice you'll be able to tell if a chord sounds different, if you listen carefully it should be obvious that a chord is or isn't major, then you can figure it out from there. The bass doesn't have to play the root note of the chord, so be careful. I find it's helpful to learn while playing guitar along with the song and hearing what clashes and what doesn't.
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3. Unless you're genetically screwed, yes.

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Thanks for the replies guys!
What I mean between a major7 and a major is like the song I recently learned by ear. Give a Little Bit - Supertramp, I play it as A7 D A7 D G A7 G A7 G D, can someone tell me is they are A major or one is A major?

ALSO, for that song I have to tune slightly up to match it, is this normal? I'm still in standard just slightly off.
C major chord has a solid "happy" sound, where as Cmaj7th has sort of an "off" almost "funny" sound...the coloration should become obvious after you become familiar with them
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A7: A C# E G
Amaj7: A C# E G#

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