this song isn't my best, but there were some lines that i really liked

Ricochet riot for an everyday epiphany
Eyes wink for the sycophantic symphony
Now my voice is temperamental
Muffles cries in my instrumental

Oh I lie
I can’t tell
We all lie
At show and tell

My teddy bear can’t seem to meet my gaze
The batons been falling slowly now for days

And now it lands
My sweet syringe
I’ll fill the stands
And hide my guilty cringe

We’re not falling, we’re not slipping
We’re just letting go
And I swear I dare god to tell us no

Because if he thinks his hand can stop it
I’ll take him and Jesus like a Roman rocket
Like a Roman rocket
Like a Roman rocket

Last night I awoke in my bed
The crucifix-barrel pressed to my head

I look up and wink
Your coordination falls out of sync

There was a bang
I was still there
I saw the blood
Running from your hair

Catch me I’m falling
I don’t bite hard
If you don’t catch me
I won’t be scared

And I need
Some proof
I wanna stay
But now I’m too aloof
"I is another." - Rimbaud
Its o.k., but i really like the first 4 lines. Would it be ok if i use them and rewrite the song?