Lets say I'm trying to do the following: 10-9-8-9-7

I find that the volume of the notes dies down too fast by the time I hammer the fourth note. I don't think its finger strength because even when I tap with my pick hand I still can't get it to sound loud enough. Any tips?
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Hit the note hard when you hammer and don't lift your finger when you pull, but rather drag it up and away.

Yeah when I pull-off I always try to pluck with my left hand not just lift it up.
I find when I do all my hammer on's/ pull off's the note that comes out underneath is very harsh (far too harsh) far to poppy. Doesnt sound smooth like the legato I hear on other guitarists (Allan Haldsworth) not that I'm expecting to play like that anytime soon, but how can I make my legato smoother?
^ practice consistent volume and attack.

You're probably exaggerating the PO motion too much.

Also, Allan Holdsworth doesn't really do pull offs. Descending scales, he would (for example) lift his 4th finger off cleanly and then hammer on from nowhere onto the next note. Seriously.

Brett Garsed does this too, iirc. I do for some licks, it's certainly useful to have in some situations.
It seems like either

a) The pull of is too weak
b) It sounds to harsh
c) If its on any other string than the high E, especially on Distortion, it flicks into the next string down, and creates an un-wanted noise.

On another related topic. Brett Garsed, my guitar teacher runs a rock school down here, and he's coming over for that, so I'll get a lesson with him,if anything, thats pretty cool.
How important are amp settings for audible hammer/pull? I was practicing on a clean tone and it sounded awful, but when I turned up the gain the notes actually sounded OK.