I'm looking to sell a Fender Stratocaster. The guitar was made in Mexico. It has a maple fretboard with black dot inlays, and a light colored wood body with a transparent gloss finish. It was purchased used, and when it was purchased, it had several cracks in the finish, on the back and side. Please note that these are relatively large cracks, but that they are merely cosmetic, and in no way effect the way that the guitar sounds. The guitar is an S/S/S configuration, like most Strats. I will ship pretty much anywhere (I live in Alaska).

In addition to the guitar, I'm selling a Rocktron R50C guitar amp. This amp has an excellent clean channel. It is 50 watts.

I also have a Korg Toneworks AX10G effects board for sale.

If you're interested and would like to know pricing for any of these items in any combination, please PM me.