Is there any acoustic effects that I should get if I plan on playing in a band with an acoustic guitar and also just solo? I was thinking about maybe one of those loop station things but they seem confusing. Any recommendations for that sort of thing?

And is it worth it to get an acoustic amp or is it fine to just play in a fender hot rod deluxe? is there any noticeable sound difference?

Any additional thoughts/help would be great. thanks
I'd say maybe a light chorus, thats what i use if i play acoustic. Don't know about the amps, but if you dont stay to close it should be no problem at all.
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Depends on what you want to do.

If you just want a good acoustic sound - I'd get a chorus pedal, a compression pedal and an equalizer pedal (so you can really dial in the tone you want).

The hot rod deluxe will work, but it won't sound as "natural" as a true acoustic amp.

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Alright thanks I already have a MXR eq pedal and a boss me-50 so that should work pretty good. I just found the Boss RC-20XL and a Digitech JamMan but don't know what one would be better. They're both around the same price but the only thing I have against the Digitech is it's blue and not red and it has the name Digitech.
Does anyone know which one is more convenient and more practical live? Ex. Stopping a loop whenever you want it to, things like that.

Get an acoustic amp or run your guitar through the PA system. Both will sound better than your hot rod deluxe. The hot rod is voiced for an electric guitar, and for that alone.
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Are you planning on playing an actual acoustic guitar with effects?

PLEASE DON'T DO IT! Natural acoustic sound is SO much better than acoustic sound that has been digitized. Trust me on this one. Then again, it really does depend on what kind of music you play. But I CAN. NOT. STAND. Acoustics that are played with effects. It just sounds...wrong.

Also, I would get an acoustic amp, unless of course you have an acoustic with on-board EQ. Then you can plug directly into PA.
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Have you asked the acoustic section of the forums?
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... whats so complicated with this?

guitar -> pickup -> amp

Is it so wrong to have a good tube amp warm up an acoustic?
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