Hey everyone, im going to be buying some recordign stuff soon and i need some help. In the past while i was recordign on my boss br600 i have had problems being able to hear the music when i am recordign drums. When i buy new stuff do i need to buy better headphones or what so i can actually hear while im recording my drum tracks. Also everything has to be in the same room and im doing all of it on my own. If this makes sense please respond. thank you
get a headphone amplifier and maybe better headphones depending on what your using now. Some people say to get all these expensive headphones but i don't believe its necessary for studio use. If all you need to do is hear the music to play the song properly than i personally don't think you need to hear everything crystal clear perfect. So try looking at the behringer headphone amplifier its really cheap and it has 4 outputs if you ever need to use them.
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most people just do drums first...

i don't see why you don't do drums first... it makes more sense to play guitar to a drumtrack than the other way around.

unless you are just hearing a metronome, then i'd just say use an external metronome or a headphone amplifier..
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