Been an avid guitarist for the past year (no not one of those 'daddy i want a guitar for christmas!' guys, got it for birthday mind you.) And I really enjoy just chillin out sometimes playin bass, (chillin=playing fast slap-pop lines)

So I'll ask the obvious- which bass?
torn between Squier P bass, J bass, and an Ibanez for under $275 preferably.
I like the thin neck of the J bass, played a P bass at guitar center (through a nice mark bass) and I liked the feel, and I've played a couple Ibanez that feel ok too. What would you guys say for the best slap-pop while still being able to play some nice smooth lines? Or if you have a different suggestion I'm open for opinions

I've considered some amps too, checked out guitar center online. Not really lookin for anything over $200 for a first amp and just for the hell of it too, no major gigs to play, and I don't -need- it right when I get the bass. So I narrowed down to either the Warwick (30 or 15) or the Peavy MAX (112 or 110)

The only thing "major" I play really is at my church, we run through a PA system in a gym. So I figured with these amps I could use the Line Out/ Phones to go to a direct box to send through, or mic it up since the bassist always has a hard time hearing himself due to faults in the snake. And I hate snakes. We've tried this before with my friends Marshall MX and it didn't work- think it would for these amps?
As far as the basses go, you can't really go wrong with any of those. The P-bass is going to be more thumpy, The Jazz is going to be pretty smooth, the Ibanez cen get pretty smooth as well. And as far as most people are concerned the Jazz is probably one of the best basses to slap on.

For amps, I would try to get my hands on an Orange Crush 35b or a Crush 20b if your looking for something smaller. Both are pretty loud and sound great.
i have the squire P bass and a $450 Ibanez. I much prefer my Ibanez (i play mostly metal) over the Squire but when it comes to slapping i think the squire sounds (and plays) better. The neck is a bit wider and it has a "fuller" tone. Hope that helps.
That does help longneck, thanks.

I never thought about orange amps either, GC doesn't carry those at all. Somethin has always kept me wanting the Jazz bass anyway, I think I'll go with that one.

Still open for opinions though.