Yeah, my favorite show is The Office. Recently learned how to play the piano for the intro.
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+1 for the office.
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1. Take a fork, preferably metal.
2. Put some tomato sauce on it.
3. Let tomato sauce on fork dry.
4. Turn it in and call it: "The Spaghetti Massacre."

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They really got some bad actors for that show, it's painful to watch.
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I watched that show once. Twas ****ing awful. I'm sorry, but it seemed like the most teen age angsty show ever.
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discuss everyone's favorite show here.

I have to admit, I watch this show.

But the office is my favorite

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grok it.


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Used to watch Degrassi as a joke with a couple friends of mine. Its hilarious if you don't take it seriously, but even that got old pretty quick.
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Meh, just wayyy to much drama in that show. I can't stand most of the characters. The only cool thing is that it's filmed in Toronto.
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i used to watch that like 5 years ago
Yea that's right, I want something to explode

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What the hell is a degrassi?

The name of the school.

Nothing will ever pwn the old Degrassis. That episode with the kids who get a robot pr0n videotape and the guy who goes buy condoms in a pharmacy where his gf's mom(who his also the mother of one of the kids) work was just soooooo hilarious.

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