Well lately, I have been looking for a good solid double cut design that isn't like every other guitar out there.

So I am asking GB&C for your best designs. Paint, scanned papers, whatever are good.

I am asking here because I have some mahogany and some bloodwood left over, and I could use something to do around the holidays.

Anybody else discover that bloodwood makes amazing necks?
I've never drawn it out, but what about something like a strat with reverse horns? You know, pointing out instead of in.

Just a random thought I had one day.
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yeah i did, look at my last tele build. haha. its actually awful for necks, but it sure does play nice. you cant dry it less than 12%, so it moves alot when the seasons change.

I didn't know that about the moisture content.

But i think the feel is worth a little bit of adjustment every so often. I mean, as long as you take care of it, I think it'd totally be worth it for high end guitars.

I sanded some to 400 grit, then polished, and it's a mirror finish, it's insane. I'll definitely look forward to using it for a neck in the future, because the finish is just so nice....

Do you know of any wood that feels similar to bloodwood, other than Ebony? Because really, I don't think I have had a run in with wood like that other than ebony and the real expensive exotics like snakewood and stuff like that. I'll definitely have to take a trip to the lumber supplier and see if anything there feels like that.
it feels better than ebony, its so naturally wet/oily that you dont even need to rub oil on it, in fact, you rub oil on it, and once it dries, its the SAME color it was the only other wood like that is cocobolo, and good lucky gluing a fingerboard to that ****