Alright, so here's the deal, I've been considering getting a new guitar(I'd rather not post my current to avoid getting laughed out of the forum) for somewhere under $1000. I'm looking for something that has fret markers, 25.5" scale with 24 frets, and has no tremolo. I play a lot of metal (Slipknot, Metallica, Necrophagist, Killswitch Engage, Megadeth, and the like), care to give me any suggestions?

I suppose looking cool is a plus, but I'm more geared on one that I won't have to modify much to get a decent metal sound. Thanks in advance and sorry for asking such a generic question.
just bought a jackson slsmg, think it would meet your needs
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Never looked at Schecter before, it looks great. I'm more leaning to neck-through construction but bolt hasn't really failed me yet. Looks are only an addon, it's not like the looks are playing the guitar.

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You pick one. Looking cool isn't an issue with either of them

That's actually really ****ing cool.

Edit: oh, keep forgetting about the swear filter. I had been thinking about an slsmg but hadn't heard any opinions on it. Thanks.
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Seriously, I'd highly recommend against that Schecter Damien if your budget is closer to $1,000. The H4s are nice pickups, but for a little more money you can tap into active pickup power. If you really don't mind sticking with passives, Schecter does make sweet guitars for their price range. $800 with Schecter will take you miles further than any other guitar of comparable quality.

Schecter C-1 Classic

I have personally played this guitar on quite a few occasions and it is outstanding. It also comes with some of the best passive pickups you can get. No modifications necessary.

- Zyprox
go with a schecter, as most have said. Probably a c-1 hellraiser if you want my opinion. if you dont like schecters, you can always go with ESP LTD or jackson.
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You wont go wrong with Schecter, And i also like ESP LTD. I find both companies offer a whole lot of good quality for the buck. And both companies make almost every guitar with the option of trem or no trem. More so with Schecter, but ESP LTD makes alot of really good metal guitars that have active emg's and no trem. give them a look.
IMO i have found that any LTD guitar under 700 bucks is pretty lame... just saying. i have experience with them and i wasnt to impressed. now for the deluxe LTD's those rock. Schecter for the money, are absolutly hands down best bang for your buck IMO... i have the 006 hellraiser and it plays amazing and has the EMG's which sound great for metal. Might wanna check out the new ATX with active duncans as well. thats what im getting next. Schecter or LTD FTW! (never played jackson but i want to.) ............(whispers Schecter)
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I have a schecter C-1 Hellraiser, As well as a ESP LTD viper 200-FM. I have changed the pups in my LTD. But i actually prefer that little guitar over my schecter. Actually i love them both. Anyone one wanna buy my Epiphone les paul standard? LOL
anything bc rich... bcrich.com seriously
btw is that a bicycle sprocket on the headstock?
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anything bc rich... bcrich.com seriously
btw is that a bicycle sprocket on the headstock?

BC Rich likes to throw trems on their decent models. Pointy guitars may look cool, but I'm debating on whether or not I feel like getting stabbed by it when I sit.
I recommend ibanez, they make pretty affordable, versatile guitars
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