Don't know if this is the place to post but, what is the Slowest and possibly easiest metallica song? I am a guitarist in the 0.1MpH zone and would like to know a slow Metallica song. Thanks!
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Slowest and easiest Metallica song would probably be "Nothing Else Matters". The finger picking is the only tricky part but it's really easy to learn and pretty slow.
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"Hero of the Day" is pretty slow and "The Unforgiven I and II" are pretty easy to work with. Metallica have other slower songs but they aren't necessarily easy to play.

Edit - Forgot "Nothing Else Matters" that's another easy one.
nothing else matters
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one intro? ahh, I remember the old days of learning guitar via metallica...
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I agree that most, if not all of Metallica's slower pieces aren't particularly novice. I think the least difficult to learn would be Fade To Black, but in the first solo there is a little bit of a speed bump to get over; however as far as the fingerings go and the overall pace of the song, Fade to Black is probably one of the least difficult.

Although, honestly, if you really listen to Jump In The Fire, it's not as fast as the rest of that album would lead you to believe. The drumming is very deceptive and Jump In The Fire is a surprisingly low-tempo song. I usually find myself playing it too fast and when I play along with the song, I can't believe how slow it's moving. As far as the fingerings go, Jump In The Fire is probably one of the easiest songs you'll ever look at learning. Three riffs total and they're both monstrously easy.

Nothing Else Matters is a bit tricky, there are probably less difficult pieces in their catalog.
Seek and Destroy is an easy slow song, and fun to play lol.
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if you want the slowest aand easiest i oud haveto say nothing else matters.. or mama said
I recommend For Whom The Bell Tolls or The Thing That Should Not be (minus the solo), they're the easiest Metallica songs I can think of but this should really be in the Metallica thread.
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Nothing Else Matters. Its even got Metallica's easiest riff along with the slow speed. Perfect for beginners.
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Seek And Destroy and For Whom the Bell Tolls are both pretty easy, only one part of For Whom The Bell Tolls that screwed with my brain to finger connection for a while. It depends on whether you want a heavier song though, I haven't actually tried any f the softer ones, but Unforgiven + Nothing Else Matters shouldn't be too hard.