Hey I think I might buy a Gibson firebird.
does anyone have one? Is it worth it?
thanks guys
i've been looking for an Epiphone firebird for a couple years now but have yet to find one

i wish i had the money for a gibson. the ones i've played on have been immaculate. they just ooze vintage class. it's totally worth it. i'd do it in a heartbeat if i had the money.
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Lol, I just think they're ugly, if you've got money for that I'd recommend a Diablo SG
I have always liked Gibson Firebirds and I have bought and sold many of them. Epi makes a great version and I liked everyone I have played and I even bought a used older one. Firebirds always had a great sound, great tone and pretty comfortable to play. I say look for a good used one you can save a lot of dough vs buying new.

I love the SG Diablo I want one myself. IMHO it's the best SG I have ever seen and played from Gibson. but I think it's much more than a Firebird will cost you.