So a couple months ago this drummer I knew from my school asked me to be the Bassist in a band with some guys he knew. At first I was pretty excited because I had been looking for a band for a while. We all go the same school, and I've pretty much become close friends with these guys over the past couple of months.

After a couple practices though it was pretty apparent that the guitarists are clueless half the time. They can't keep time with the drummer, pretty much only know power chords, I have to call out fret numbers because they don't know the note names on any of the frets, they can't solo, they can't improvise. I've tried to help them both get a little better by showing them a bunch of the stuff I know on the guitar that helped me get a lot better and learn to solo, but it really hasn't helped. I even wrote this song, and there's only 4 different chords in it, and they still fall apart. Now I'm no Jaco Pastorius, but I practice a lot, and have jammed with tons of people, some even twice my age, and I keep getting told that I'm a great Bassist, and I feel really frustrated when I'm playing a more complex Bassline than what the guitars are playing.

To top it all off the rhythm guitarist/vocalist has a massive ego. Everytime I try to correct him because he's playing something wrong, he refuses to listen to me. He thinks that buying a bunch of equipment will make everything sound better. He doesn't think we should have a singer even though the rest of the band has pretty much agreed he's a terrible vocalist. Without consulting the rest of the band he decided we would be a pop-punk band(a genre that's almost unbearable to me), he decides pretty much every cover or original we play. (Which unsurprisingly always seem to be his.) What really gets me pissed though is the he has the nerve to call himself the "idealist" of the band. When the only thing he writes is the rhythm guitar parts and vocals on some of his songs. I've comfronted him several times about this but he really just ignores it.

On the other hand, his Dad (who without being asked as pretty much become the band's manager) supposedly has connections with a bunch of people in the music industry and knows managers of venues in town he can get us to play at, and is willing to financially back us with money. But if I have to play in a terrible band and just use my connections to get to the top, I'd rather find a band that makes good music and just jam.

The real problem here is if I quit, I don't really have anywhere else to get playing experience with a group; most of the other bands in the area are full. I'd start my own but I don't know any one else who's willing to start a band.

I've stuck it out for a couple months since all this frustration started to set in. I know the decision is ultimately mine, I just think I need some opinions. So, should I stay or should I quit?

My band pretty much sucks, rhythm guitar has ego, but I have pretty much no one else to practice with. Stay or quit?
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i would stick around until something better comes up
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i would stick around until something better comes up

yeah. but give the other guys no illusions of how you feel about how ****ty they are.
plus, playing shows will help you find more bands who may need members.
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I would become famous with them and some band to your taste will see you and youll join them maybe...
Your guitarist is a dick (from what you've said) i am not sure how much i could take staying in a band when the rest of them do not even compare in terms of ability or writing. I would stay (because they MIGHT just learn something from) and keep an eye out for another band if you find it leave this band and play a gig faster than they can say "Oh my god i don't believe you just did that"
Stay, get the contacts. My first band was literally just there so that I could test out my ideas and meet other musicians.
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dude just quite its not worth your time if you see they get better in the future try to start something agen but trust me its not worth your time to give guitar grope guitar lessens
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On the other hand, his Dad supposedly has connections with a bunch of people in the music industry and knows managers of venues in town he can get us to play at, and is willing to financially back us with money.

You either sell out as a person and play morosely OR see if the rest of the band won't kick this douche bag. I really, really hope it works out for you.
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just tell them that they are CRAP? tell them to get better?? what is the worst that could happen? they kick u out but isnt that already an option?? to leave the band? :S its your call
just roll with it for a bit and see where it goes. It's worth sticking around for a bit to find out if his Dad's contacts are real.

Start recording your rehearsals (even if its using the dictaphone function on your phone) and listening to them with the rest of the band - it's hard to deny that you are crap in that situation.

You may find everything a bit more humble after that