A tab keeps popping up on firefox that redirects me to a fake internet security site.
Whenever that happens I run a scan on Trend Micro which seems to solve the problem.
The next time I start the computer though,the tab still pops up.
If I change browsers,would that solve the problem? (I'm running Firefox now)
No, what you need to do is burn your computer before the e-STD that is Firefox spreads anymore.
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I loled
Just make sure your computer stays nice and hydrated in order to keep it in fighting shape.
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you might be able to get banned for that

Download something called smitfraudfix, or something like that. It'll stop it from happening.

Also, Internet options> etc> addons, make sure there's no addons that might be generating this
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I didn't know that, thank you.
But if what you said is true you should take it out of the quote as well or you will be warned...