Just wondering if anyone knows any good mods for the Ernie Ball 6180 VP Jr. Volume Pedal... I want to change that little micro switch to be able to change the setting from full swell (heel-down = no volume, toe-down = full volume), to half swell (heel-down = half or 3/4 volume, toe-down = full volume, perhaps with extra boost?) for a boost in volume.... Because I bought the pedal thinking I could use it for control between rhythm volume and solo lead volume, but realised I can't and that the micro taper switch does ****-all to the pedal.

I am trying to sell it at the moment, but just incase I can't and am stuck with it I thought maybe I can **** around with it... make it worth my money...

You could really just stick something under the backside of the pedal to stop it halfway.
I thought about that, but since I've used it a little I noticed that all of your sound is mainly crammed up into the last 1/8 of the pedal's range... like you slowly go from heel-down to toe-down and all of a sudden your tone and sound increases faster at the last minute... this happens whether the micro taper is up or down... so I end up having to find the right volume for rhythm each time after a solo (which I can imagine would piss off and freak out the sound techs if my amp is mic'ed at a gig... which is why I havent used it at a gig yet)

I used to use a PROEL volume pedal, but it was a bit dodgy, and was cheap... so I looked around and was directed by everybody i spoke to to get rid of my PROEL and get an ernie ball volume... what I liked about the PROEL though was its versatility because it has a control on the side that guages the range (from full frequency swell, to half-volume-to-full-volume swell)... that's what I want to change on the EB, which would be very nifty to put on the micro taper (and I wonder why the manufacturers didnt think of that in the first place... it's a better idea than what it is now, it does nothing!)
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for volume boosts for solos and stuff like that i would use a proper boost of some sort. Right now i use a blues driver set with almost no extra gain, just level gain about 75% up, and some tone, to boost my signal for solos to cut through the mix. Another good idea is to buy a signal booster, like a Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster SFX-01 or something like it, which can boost your pickup signals another 20-25db. For a while, i used a dunlop wah pedal with a built in boost with the wah on the on position, i think a 15db boost or something...but anyway, expiriment and find whats right for you....the EB volume pedal definitly is not right, plus if you block it, it definitly rots your tone big time..

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Yeah I found that... if I had the EB eased off the toe-down position at all, my sound lost all of it's clarity.
I plan on upgrading my amp to a locally built tube amp, which has a volume boost switch built in that you can adjust... but I only realised that I had no use for the EB after I bought it, hence why I'm trying to sell it...

If anyone happens to be interested in getting one, you can find my auction on eBay here: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=200279347207

I couldn't decide what amp to buy, but at the moment with all this talk of boosters and things I'm thinking the locally built amp is the way to go... cause it saves me buying a booster and finding room on my pedalboard for one...